Friday, July 10, 2015

TileGuide: 5 things to consider when selecting tiles.

Whether you’re an interior designer, an architect, or a homeowner, picking the perfect tile for your client or a DIY project at your own home possess a handful of challenges and hurdles. An endless array of options to choose from, applications of certain products and installation techniques make selecting tile and intimidating decision.

Rest assured, Shreeji Ceramic team is here to help! For tile that lasts and keeps your client happy for decades, here are the five most important things to consider when selecting tile.

Are you looking for a high or low maintenance product?
The tile you select should align with the lifestyle you live and the amount of time you want to spend on maintenance. Lifestyle that result in spills, scratches and hectic schedules aren’t tailored to carpet, natural stone or wooden flooring. Full body Vitrified tile, however less costlier and low at maintenance and will not stain like natural stone can.

What are you looking to spend on the tile project and how quickly does it need to be executed?
Time and money must play a role in your decision making process when selecting tile. Our showrooms and TileGuide consultants will help you define budgets and timelines, and then will steer you in the right direction after these two critical pieces of information are determined.

You need to know your style.
Everyone has their own style or aesthetic that resonates with them, and getting a clear idea of what you like is very important. Are you a trendsetter? Do you want a rustic look? Do you want the newest product on the market? Photos that illustrate your favourite designs, colors and textures are a great starting point, too. We wish our clients has smiling face after each purchase made and then they can proudly ask others to #showyourStile.

Be sure to compare tile samples before selecting.
Samples are a key ingredient to consider when selecting tile. Compare the design samples  under different lights and during different times of day, and place the sample next to fixtures, colors swatches and applications. You’ll be amazed how time spent with a sample will make your decision easier.

Your tile is artwork, and tile installers are artists. Find a quality installer!
Be sure to select an experienced, caring and responsible tile installer to make your vision and design a reality. Beautiful tile products cannot compensate for careless installation.

Since Shreeji Ceramic is a tastemaker and a trendsetter, we enjoy discussing what’s coming up and introducing new concepts. There will always be timeless styles, and those are some of the most popular products at Shreeji Ceramic and every year there are trends that we see sprouting up in our industry.


Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

World’s first Bulletproof-Tiles

In 21st Century, terrorism have raised uncertainty about what might happen next outside your home or offices. It increasing stress level. But what can you do to protect you and your family inside your house?

Your good health and safety is our chief concern. With over 15 years of experience in tile industry, our engineering team has innovated a tile material that offer you ultimate security, style and peace of mind.

Today, we are proud to announce World’s first Bulletproof-Tiles.

Bulletproof Tiles are made of three highly effective layers of protection. We have successfully done testing programme to the highest security standards and against all the equipment of the modern criminal. Bulletproof Tiles is composition of glass coating and plastic films that are bound together on ceramic material. The finished Tile is a single piece that will vary in thickness in accordance to protection level that is required and ranges from 8mm to 15mm.

Why use Bulletproof Tiles?
To stop bullets from penetrating the wall tiles in houses. It provides protection against armed attacks from terrorists, robbers, hit men and criminals in general from a plain street assault with a hand gun (.22mm, .38 special, .357/.44 magnum) to an all-out attack with a M-14 rifle.

Who needs Bulletproof Tiles?
Almost all. From The Pope, Presidents, Prime Ministers to a common families who lives in fear of terror attacks. Anyone can purchase and install Bulletproof Tiles from us. It requires special technology to install so we do suggest contacting our highly professional technical team for inspections and permits.

Due to the sensitive nature of this tiles, the technical specification is available on request only after April 1st.

Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2014-15 Accounting Year End is approaching.

Dear Accountants,
The good news is that the world didn’t end on 21 December 2012 as the Mayans had predicted. The bad news is you still need to work on your accounting.

Here are some tips in the form of a checklist so you can avoid overpaying. It’s important you do this before close your books for 2014-15.

1.       Settle your bank accounts

2.       Complete your invoicing

3.       Record all your supplier bills

4.       Write off bad debts

5.       Record your depreciation

6.       Handle prepaid expenses

7.       Close out the owner’s draw

8.       Don’t miss the last (s)mile

We hope this checklist will come in handy for your fiscal year end and beyond.


Wish you a happy 2015-16 Accounting Year.


Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anti-bacterial Tiles: Swine Flu (H1N1) can be avoided!

Tiles have become a lifestyle statement, be it on your floors or walls of your bathroom, kitchen or living space. They have left mosaic, marble and wooden flooring far behind. But if one goes by what expert suggest, in times to come you can expect continuous technologies advances in tiles for homes and office.

Besides being beautifully designed and advanced in terms of style, Shreeji Ceramic have special anti-bacterial Vitrified tiles which help to keep germs away from your family and also don’t let the germs grow causing health hazards for your family.

You might be aware that the new version of swine influenza virus (H1N1) is spreading from person to person by the normal transmission routes associated with colds and seasonal influenza. These Viral particles can survive on any surfaces for certain periods. Thus, a regular and targeted regime of surface cleaning is helpful to prevent the spread of swine flu.

Our internal research says antibacterial tiles are tiles that, by nature, resist germs. The tiles usually made from clay, have mineral particles such as titanium dioxide embedded in them. It won’t kill viruses but when sunlight or artificial UVA light falls on the tiles, the reaction with titanium dioxide would kill the bacteria. It’s always best to take precautions than to treat the disease after getting infected. To prevent illness and infection, proper hygienic practices and cleanliness measures are required. It is important to have a safe and healthy home that keep your floor, kitchen and bathroom germ-free.

While Vitrified tiles offers better sanitation, we recommend standard hygienic practices be followed for maximum protection. Like other ordinary tiles, you can keep your floor clean with mild soaps or detergent.

Swine Flu can be avoided with some simple steps. Besides regularly clean floor and walls, protect yourself against the H1N1 by adopting some easy measures:

-Wash your hands often with soap and water especially after you cough or sneeze.

-Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

-Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs easily spread that way.

And if you think you caught in Swine Flu - please stay home and call your GP.

Spread the words. Not the germs.



Pratik Patel, BDE

Shreeji Ceramic


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


World's 3rd largest tile market with sufficient raw material and young workforce that is enough to serve over 1.25billion consumer market. Now, Government of India targets 30 million "homes for every Indian family" by 2022 and that will definitely require more and more tiles..

Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy and Swachh 2015


Wishing you all a Happy & Swachh 2015.
Let's pledge this 2015 towards cleanliness.

It is our duty to serve Mother India by keeping the country neat and clean. Let us join hands together with our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Swachh Bharat Mission.

OATH FOR 2015:
"As a citizen of India, I commit that I will not throw any garbage/waste on road, street but throw only in dustbin or location provided for same.
I shall also spread this message with near and dear ones + my facebook/twitter friends." 
Pratik Patel, BDE
Shreeji Ceramic

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best wishes for continued success in 2015 - A message from our head

Dear Colleagues,

As we welcome the New Year 2015 in India, for some reason I feel an even greater sense of anticipation than usual. Let me begin by wishing you all happiness and prosperity in the New Year!

It’s been an eventful 15 years in Ceramic industry. Despite challenges, I thanks to sacrifice and dedication from our employees to enhance our competitiveness, the company added record number of “happy customers” to the list.

I want to thank you, our dealers and suppliers, for your continued trust and support in making this possible and would like to elaborate on key achievements during the past years.

In this continuously harsh business environment, overcoming hurdles and addressing challenges requires the cooperation of our management, labour, dealers and suppliers. We must communicate closely to ensure that our workplaces remain truly safe and strong. These will certainly continue to be my priorities and I am convinced I can count on you to do the same.

2015 is upon us, and possibilities are endless. Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Enjoy!

Haribhai Patel
Head of Shreeji Ceramic